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Things NOBODY Tells You About Raising Boys!

Let’s be honest here…..for those of us who raised a girl first, was there a bit of a shock at how different it is to raise a boy or boys for that matter?  I’m fortunate as I have a 13 year time span between by two boys…..I do not envy those who have them closer together.  I can only imagine the non-stop fighting, wrestling and running and chaos that entails.  I feel like I see enough with our little guy who’s now 6!

  • Less Drama than Girls but Harder to keep Alive!
  • They are truly more Sensitive than girls in my experience.
  • “With soap” is not something I should HAVE to say after “Wash your Hands”!
  • That peeing outside, anywhere, anytime is questionably normal for a boy?
  • That any bodily function/noise is comical enough even Daddy cannot keep a straight face.  (Hello…Manners!)
  • That the bathroom would have urine in places you NEVER knew possible, then you suddenly have these images in your head wondering how it got there and they won’t go away….EVER!
  • Boys are Noise with Dirt on them and the most precious to their Mommas.
  • AND LEGOS!  NEED I say more…..?
  • Nerf Dart Wars exist in my house….it’s my way of returning my Love!  😉
  • AND Bugs, Reptiles, Dirt are a thing they feel belongs IN The House!? WHAT!?
  • It’s all nice and relaxing to have a Hot Wheels car driven around on your legs, back, arms, head…until those little wheels get stuck in your hair!  Hello!  Didn’t think that one through!
  • Who knew that it’s no longer considered paint touch-ups when you have to touch-up nearly every single wall 3ft and below!  Might as well just repaint the whole flipping house!
  • AND Bedtime….Seriously, is this REALLY a Surprise?!  We’ve been doing this for 2,190 nights now!  Get with the program ALREADY!
  • Who knew I’d have to learn about sports!  The rules, the attire, how it EVEN goes on the body!  Oh! and shopping for a cup with your soon to be teenager (I think I was more embarrassed than he!)
  • Superhero’s!  You should know each and every superhero, what their super power is and what they wear!
  • Throwing balls indoors is a BIG NO GO, but god forbid I remind them by saying “No throwing balls in the house”, apparently that phrase is comical and you just get laughed at!  Even by Dad……the instigator!

But in all reality……

being a “Boy Mom”, it’s an experience…..not a description.

Our little boys will have a special place in your heart that was only meant for them regardless of their age and will ALWAYS be a “momma’s boy”.

That us Moms would work from Son up to Son down and do it all over again without hesitation.


-Thank you for everyone who participated in my Facebook post.  It added a little extra to this post.  You all are Superwomen!!


I'm a Forty year old mom of 3. Ages 25, 18 & 5......AND, no...that wasn't a typo! I am married to the most amazing man on this earth and consider myself quite the lucky gal! I dislike the cold weather yet we live in the Midwest, I prefer the hot humid triple degree weather in the summer. My favorite things to do aside from spending time laughing with my family is mostly summer activities; stand up paddle boarding, fishing, attempting crafty projects, sewing and new adventures. We have 1 dog & 2 cats and yep, we're a little nuts!!

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