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The Teenage Struggle is Real and Everlasting

If you’ve been reading my blog posts then you know what we have been going through with our Teenage son (19 years old now) for almost 5 years .

As you know, he is in jail and has been since the beginning(ish) of March.  They “farmed” (this is the term the jail uses) him out to a different jail.  Brought him back last week for his court date.  Now, with the Anxiety that I’ve been struggling with daily, I wasn’t sure I could be there for him, however, I knew I needed to be there to support him.

What he has been in jail this entire time doing is awaiting a Mental/Rehab evaluation.  Nearly 2 MONTHS!  Come to find out, this is his attorney’s responsibility to schedule for him.

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During court the attorney wasn’t….lets just say very honest with the Judge.  I know this because the Judge asked the attorney why are we still waiting for an evaluation.  The attorney responds with “I contacted XYZ treatment center and they REFUSED to work with my client”, I also contacted ABC treatment center and they REFUSED to work with my client because he has Private Insurance.”  ABC treatment center is the only one that will actually go to the jail and do an evaluation.  XYZ treatment center doesn’t do this.

Now this is where I know the attorney isn’t being truthful, however I’m not the type of person to involve myself until I at least know the facts.  The reason I……let’s say “think” he’s not being truthful is because 3 months prior we get notification that XYZ treatment center closed their doors, therefore, how did said attorney contact them and get this response?

I leave court, they refused Jeffrey’s release because “he’s a danger”.  (Whatever)  Once I get back from court, I called XYZ treatment center which has now reopened under a different name but closed all previous files/accounts but still has a few of the previous staff members there.  I asked if anyone had contacted them about Jeffrey, she places me on hold and told me no and she even checked with her supervisor to confirm.  I then ask if she’s positive about this because I was just informed Jeffrey’s attorney called and was told that they Refuse to work with him.  She responded with nearly a chuckle and said, Oh my Gosh! NO! We would LOVE to work with Jeffrey.  He’s such a kind hearted kid.  (I was fuming at this point.)

Next I called ABC treatment center, asked them the same thing and was told the same thing….they never received any call regarding that name.  The only truth to this facility is yes, because Jeffrey does have Private Health Insurance they wouldn’t be able to work with him but suggested I personally get a hold of the Judge and let him know what I found out with ABC treatment center which I scheduled an evaluation regardless and informed the Judge when it was scheduled for and how can we get him there.

Now I’m going to copy and paste the actual email communication between myself and the Judge and attorney:

“Dear Honorable Judge, (I’ve removed specific names for privacy purposes)
Jeffrey  was in court today being represented by attorney Joshua.  Jeffrey suffers from a mood disorder and ADHD and has not been able to take any medications to keep
him stable and has been in jail awaiting an evaluation for nearly 2 months in which Mr. attorney has failed to set up.  I personally contacted XYZ (which is no longer in business)
they have changed the name of the facility but have most of the same employees.  They have no record of Mr. attorney calling up there nor do they have any records stating they
would NOT be willing to work with Jeffrey.  They did inform me that they would be happy to be able to work with Jeffrey and so I schedule an evaluation.  I also
called ABC and they told me the same thing, they have not received any calls from Mr. attorney regarding Jeffrey.
I scheduled an evaluation for Jeffrey with XYZ on Friday, April 27th at 9am (formerly XXX) located at address and phone number.
Jeffrey informed me that I needed to notify you and request for a “Furlow” to be faxed over to the jail in order for him to be temporarily released for this
Please contact me should you need further information.  (My Phone Number) Thank you for your time.
Michelle Burnett”
The Judges assistant responds:

“Mrs. Burnett,

I have included Mr. attorney on this email.”
The Attorney Responds:
“I entirely disagree with Ms. Burnett’s recitation of the facts.”
OK, Momma Bear is kicking in!  I specifically notified the Judge as I was recommended to so he knew who I was and why I was involving myself since Jeffrey is 19, nobody will discuss anything with me.  I have to wait and let Jeffrey update me on everything.
My Response to the Judge and Attorney:

“Wow!  This is really unprofessional and unproductive Mr. attorney.  Does it really matter how you feel Mr. attorney about the facts?

Bottom line here is what is in the best interest for Jeffrey and clearly he is in need of an evaluation and possible treatment.  Can we just get on with this?  I have already scheduled an appointment for this Friday, April 27th at 9am for XYC treatment center to evaluate him.  We just need to get him there……can this be done or not, what is the hold up?
I spoke with Assistant name at XYZ and their contact info: Phone Number
Mrs. Michelle Burnett
(I left my phone number)”
What happened next was completely out of line.  My phone rings and it’s said attorney.  I’m thinking he’s calling me with an explanation on how to get Jeffrey to be evaluated…..NOPE!  He begins yelling at me that I am a liar, etc. he went on and on about how I lied to the court but would NOT let me explain myself, he continued interrupting and EVEN said “Why are you involving yourself Now?”…..”Why didn’t you get involved before Jeffrey went to jail”.  I began again to speak and he yells a bit louder and said “NO!  You do NOT get to talk, I’m tired of hearing your voice, you listen to what I have to say!”  I replied, NO, I will not listen to you speak to me in this manner……(and I hung up the phone)
Shaking and in disbelief I begin to write an email to the Judge and said attorney:

“To Whom it May Concern,

I have only involved myself because Jeffrey asked that I figure things out to get him the Re-hab and Mental Health treatment he desperately needs as no one else seems to be working on this for him.  He is 19 and rarely will anyone discuss anything with me due to his age so I have let him keep me updated as needed.
What I don’t deserve in any of this is the extremely Rude, unprofessional and particularly intimidating phone call I just received from Attorney in which got exceptionally out of control that I had to hang up the phone.
I am only trying to help my son with his Mental Health issues that have been ongoing for us and him as we have struggled to find the right medications and treatment for him.  It has been a long drawn out exhausting process because once one medication doesn’t work, then he will self medicate and everything gets put on hold.  Our family has been through some really tough times dealing with all of this and I do NOT appreciate being spoken to the way Mr. attorney spoke to me on the phone today.
Please let me know what I need to do about Jeffrey’s appointment with XYZ on Friday.  If the court will see to it that he makes it on time or if I’m able to pick him up on a short term release and take him myself.
Thank you,
Michelle Burnett”
I did not receive any response from the Judge or his assistant, however, I did receive an email from the attorney with the paperwork I needed to pick Jeffrey up from Jail for the evaluation. (*Sarcasm* Because apparently he is SUCH a THREAT they released him regardless for the evaluation and what’s even sadder is that they didn’t need the paperwork from me, they didn’t need me, when I pulled up to the jail, he was just standing outside alone waiting for me.)  It just doesn’t even make senses!
He is back at the other jail waiting for the evaluation results which were supposed to be in last Tuesday and no one will release any information to me.

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