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Who knew this would happen?  I was skeptical about starting up this new Wine Biz, but knew I needed something else to focus on that would hopefully in the future allow my family to have a vacation once in a while.  Thinking it may be a rough start at the beginning, I was prepared.

I launched on March 26th, 2018 and today the company has just sent out a HUGE Game Changer for their program and it’s Massive!  I’ve never know a business that would do something so drastic that benefited the customers and the business owners (reps), etc.  This change could make my dream actually possible!

So here’s the scoop on how it now works…….I’ll post more once it becomes available to me!

They created a new Customer VIP program where the Customer signs up for a VIP Monthly Membership, gets 3 friends to sign up and that “Customer” receives their Wine for Free!  Yes, FREE!  I have included my website below for you to sign up for your Monthly Membership and pick out your Wines!

There’s even more perks if you sign up to become a Rep!

If you currently have a Membership, you can upgrade for the annual $25 which allows you to become eligible for the new Customer VIP program.

My Wine with Michelle Website!

Let me know if you have questions!

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I'm a Forty year old mom of 3. Ages 25, 18 & 5......AND, no...that wasn't a typo! I am married to the most amazing man on this earth and consider myself quite the lucky gal! I dislike the cold weather yet we live in the Midwest, I prefer the hot humid triple degree weather in the summer. My favorite things to do aside from spending time laughing with my family is mostly summer activities; stand up paddle boarding, fishing, attempting crafty projects, sewing and new adventures. We have 1 dog & 2 cats and yep, we're a little nuts!!

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