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Those Middle of the Night Phone Calls are the Devil!

So, technically it’s really not the middle of the night, it’s roughly 10:30 pm, however with the little guy being sick, Momma & Daddy not getting much sleep, 10:30 pm and finally being able to have a peaceful nights sleep as his fever finally broke felt like the middle of the night.

I’m sound asleep, my phone rings!  My heart nearly bursts out of my chest as I struggle to understand what that noise is and once I realize, panic strikes as I reach for my phone, struggle to unplug it and attempt to answer it all the while I’m not even sure where I am, what day it is……I was just out of it due to complete exhaustion.

It was my Teenage son, (thank God he was OK) calling to tell me he was in the back of a police vehicle as they question his girlfriend (Grace) that was with him.  Why was she with him and at this time of night as she lives 45 minutes away is beyond me (I’ll get into this part a bit later in this nightmare of event).  They both have a court ordered document stating they are NOT to be together due to the trouble they have gotten into while together, I believe there were 3 incidents.

They met in re-hab over a year ago, sweet girl, means well with a big heart.  But isn’t that most of these kids?  When sober they are willing to help anyone, thoughtful and have the biggest and kindest heart.  Then something happens (it could be the smallest thing) and they are back to using again to self medicate.  This is where it gets scary…..apparently while searching the vehicle, they found LSD, Meth, Marijuana (which is NOT legal here in Kansas) and I believe Xanax in her bag.

My son proceeds to explain the situation and that there were drugs involved, he claims they were hers and he knew nothing about them.  He was sure they were going to let him go because she (Grace) was being honest with the officers telling them it was all hers.  However, it was his vehicle.  OK, what am I supposed to believe here….my son has been in so much trouble over the past 4 years and currently awaiting a final court hearing to finalize the last incident that took place last summer.

Just to explain what he’s dealing with right now, he has a patch he has to wear to monitor any drug use and he is also required to wear an ankle bracelet with a GPS.  This isn’t one that requires him to stay at home, just where his Probation Officer can locate him.  So, with him having all of this going on and had really been trying since the most recent incident just a few weeks ago, I cannot figure out what I’m supposed to think, what I’m supposed to feel, etc.  My heart immediately feels like it’s in a million pieces/crushed.

Talking with him on the phone while he’s in the back of the police vehicle, I hear the officer come over, open the door and begin talking to him.  He then just hangs up his phone.  I expected him to call back with an update or to come home within the next few hours so I fell back asleep.  After dealing with this for 4 years now, I know that I have to take care of myself.  My health isn’t well and I struggle every single day.  Needless to say, I wake up the next morning and check out front to see if his truck was there, it was not.  I hadn’t heard from him at all since he hung up the phone.  Well, I cannot dwell or worry about this now, I have a 5 year old I have to tend to and work I have to get ready for.

A little while later I receive text messages from his girlfriend.  Apparently they were both arrested, she called her Mom and her Mom bailed her out.  Jeffrey, on the other hand, come to find out…..his girlfriends Mom who a few weeks back had called and called me, yelling at me that they were together.  I basically told her they are both 18 and it’s out of my control.  She proceeded to talk very nasty about my son and how all of her daughters issues were because of him.  Well, if I remember correctly, THEY MET IN DRUG RE-HAB!  I’m not the angry type so instead of firing right back at her, I just ended the conversation and hung up the phone.  I just want peace.

I find out the reason my son had her in his truck was because her Mom called him telling him that she (Grace) was in some trouble, would he be able to pick her up and bring her home.  Like I said before, when sober, he will do anything to help anyone.  So, of course he picks her up and is on their way to her home and his truck broke down.  He was on the side of the road trying to repair it when an officer arrived and this is the reason my son is in jail awaiting his trial from an incident last year with no bail (not that I would bail him out).  He is being charged with violating his probation by being with her (Grace).

He was trying to stay sober, looking for a new job and helping out a few parents of his friends for cash to get him by until he found a job.  He was even helping out around the house which is totally not the norm for him!!

I'm a Forty year old mom of 3. Ages 25, 18 & 5......AND, no...that wasn't a typo! I am married to the most amazing man on this earth and consider myself quite the lucky gal! I dislike the cold weather yet we live in the Midwest, I prefer the hot humid triple degree weather in the summer. My favorite things to do aside from spending time laughing with my family is mostly summer activities; stand up paddle boarding, fishing, attempting crafty projects, sewing and new adventures. We have 1 dog & 2 cats and yep, we're a little nuts!!

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