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Feeling Helpless and Heart Broken…

I’m not an angry type of person, usually stay pretty positive and happy. But at the moment I am extremely frustrated.

I get a call from my 5 yr olds school today saying he’s in the health office running a 102.8 fever. Thankfully he knew enough to ask for help. This is the 3rd, maybe 4th time he’s been sick since right after Christmas. Just the week before last he was scary sick….we had to have blood work done and X-rays because we couldn’t get his 105 fever below 103 for an entire week of being on ibuprofen/Tylenol & antibiotics. He’s had the flu A virus, Scarlet fever, ear infection, strep throat AND a regular virus and now the flu A virus again (different strain).

Once we get him healthy, hubby and I end up with it. We have gone through disinfecting Clorox wipes, Lysol, hand sanitizer….you name it, this house has been drenched in it. We also have him on immune vitamins as well as his multi vitamins.

It’s only March and I have used up all vacation time I have accrued for this entire year!

I don’t know what to do to further prevent these viruses that we haven’t already tried. He’s been really healthy in the past, he eats healthy. His first year in public school-Kindergarten (I don’t mean that in a negative way at all-we love our school and district, we were just fortunate enough to be able to have him in Montessori until he began Kindergarten and he was rarely sick).

I almost want to pull him from school for the next month until the weather gets better and flu season gives us a break! But I’m sure that’s not such a great idea either. We feel so helpless that we cannot keep our poor little guy healthy and it just kills our heart seeing him so miserable knowing there’s nothing we can do to prevent this.

Ok, end of venting session. 😉

I'm a Forty year old mom of 3. Ages 25, 18 & 5......AND, no...that wasn't a typo! I am married to the most amazing man on this earth and consider myself quite the lucky gal! I dislike the cold weather yet we live in the Midwest, I prefer the hot humid triple degree weather in the summer. My favorite things to do aside from spending time laughing with my family is mostly summer activities; stand up paddle boarding, fishing, attempting crafty projects, sewing and new adventures. We have 1 dog & 2 cats and yep, we're a little nuts!!

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