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Did He Really Just Say That!?….

Soooo……a few days ago this happened….

Our typical bedtime routine goes about like this…..

I have a 7:30 pm alarm set on my phone, once this goes off its time to head upstairs to bathe, brush teeth/hair and get into bed, while all this is going on, Daddy cleans up dinner dishes and kitchen.

I also have an alarm set for 8:00 pm which means we should be all done and ready for Daddy to come up for story time which I usually hang out in my bedroom and eavesdrop (I enjoy their conversations and listening to Max laugh and giggle and the stories) until it’s time for goodnight smooches and tuck in.

We have started reading beginner chapter books as he seemed to get bored with some of the other books for his age. This particular evening they were reading Captain Underpants, they had just finished a story the evening before and this was a last minute pick and the next best thing (I guess).


As I’m in my room “eavesdropping” on story time, I hear very clearly Maxwell yelled “Captain Underpants is Fu$*ed!” I immediately looked up and just started looking around my room while listening/replaying what I thought I just heard in my head before I yell out, “DID HE JUST SAY WHAT I THINK HE SAID?!!” Daddy responded with a quiet kind of shaky “yes”.  See, he was trying to keep a straight face as we parents have to do sometimes and not let that chuckle slip out before we can get out of the room. Needless to say, story time was immediately over as punishment (not the best punishment, but what are you supposed to do at a moment and time like this)  and Maxwell didn’t get his bedtime snuggles.

Now, I’m no angel….I slip up occasionally and Maxwell is a professional at listening to every word Momma and Daddy say, but NEVER has that word been used in that same context by me! Daddy is much more of an angel than I am, he doesn’t seem to slip up…like EVER!

Although quite comical, we knew it had to be discussed. Once we got home that evening we talked about what had happened, why it was inappropriate and where he had heard that word. Apparently it was picked up from a so and so at school.  Who talks like this in Kindergarten!??

What to do!? This isn’t going to be the first or the last time something like this happens, we just need to teach the difference between good words and not good words and if unsure of the meaning of a word, don’t use it, ask Momma and Daddy to explain the meaning first.

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