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Is There Such a Thing as Being too Competitive at 5 Years Old?

We’re in the Navy Tee w/Neon Yellow Sleeves

Maxwell is 5 and in Kindergarten, a bit smaller than most of the other kids, after all Mommy is barely 5′ and Daddy is 5’6″ but this kids personality definitely makes up for it.  Now that he’s in Kindergarten he is able to play team sports, which is great because all other programs we had him in, he was just learning the techniques, etc. and he was completely bored.  Him and Daddy work on this together at home and Daddy often helps coach so he knows what the team will be working on, etc. 

He loves being outside so anytime the weather permits, that’s where they will be.

He’s always been extremely coordinated and athletic for his age and size and picks up on things very quickly.  On the downside, trying to play a game with him at home will end up with him having a complete tantrum/meltdown if he doesn’t “win”.  Oh, and rules….if you don’t play by “his rules” which are basically made up on a play by play-during the game…..and if you disagree or choose to NOT play by his rules, IT’S over, the world has come to and end and he is now rolling around on the ground kicking his feet making a huge scene bringing neighbors to their windows/doors to make sure some kid isn’t in the midst of getting kidnapped or didn’t just get hit by a car or whatever else!  #funtimes

We have noticed a positive change in his sportsmanship since Kindergarten and being able to play the team sports, this is only “team sports” and not a “competitive team”. 

Soccer Trophy!

The first season, he pretty much dominated the ball so he could score all the goals.  The second/current season he has learned to utilize his teammates and does this more often than not.  However, in this league, there’s no scoreboard keeping track of goals, only the time….Maxwell is sure to announce the score at the end of each game almost embarrassingly so.  We are proud of how well he plays, how quickly he learns and how he has become more of a team player, but, there’s still that feeling of knowing the seriousness of how competitive he is. During the games I cheer for him, but I also cheer for the other team as well.  He noticed this and asked why I am cheering for them.  I explained that I’m happy for both teams and how hard they are both playing.  I remind him this game is to have fun and as long as everyone is having fun, that’s all that really counts.

Each game he is reminded that the most important part is to have fun and then we get reminded that it’s ALSO to Win. 

Am I overthinking this?  Is this something he will outgrow?

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