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Happy 25th to my Favorite Daughter!! 💗😍

My Daughters 21st Birthday-4years ago 💗
This is Fee’s 21st Birthday Photo…our 1st Margarita Together!!

This photo is from Fee’s 21st Birthday we celebrated at Javier’s back in California 4 years ago. Probably one of my more emotional photos but also one of my most favorite photos. This girl is sooo smart, independent, thoughtful, loving and one HARD A$$ worker! I can’t express enough how much I love our relationship. Although having her at such a young age was tough and I had to give up so much, I do NOT regret one single moment and I never have. She has made me who I am today. Raising her kept me grounded and focused. I always wanted more for her, not myself and that was and still is my motivation.

So here’s a GREAT BIG Happy 25th to my baby girl! You make my heart happy and full. Thank you for being YOU and here’s to many more adventures, laughs and your future.

I'm a Forty year old mom of 3. Ages 25, 18 & 5......AND, no...that wasn't a typo! I am married to the most amazing man on this earth and consider myself quite the lucky gal! I dislike the cold weather yet we live in the Midwest, I prefer the hot humid triple degree weather in the summer. My favorite things to do aside from spending time laughing with my family is mostly summer activities; stand up paddle boarding, fishing, attempting crafty projects, sewing and new adventures. We have 1 dog & 2 cats and yep, we're a little nuts!!

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