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Our New Driver AND Why it Took so Long……

If you have been reading my posts, especially my post titled “Don’t Let your Struggles Define you……Own your Story”, this will help you understand the “Why it Took so Long”.

Due to the struggles with drugs, overdosing, being in and out of re-hab and then in and out of Juvenile Detention, (which I haven’t even made it to that post yet!) we were never comfortable supporting him in getting a drivers license knowing he wasn’t capable at that time of staying clean and sober and the thought of him driving would not be safe for anyone on the streets. Much to our surprise, we find out his friends literally GIVE him their vehicles for hours and he drives around town, to Kansas City which is a good hour drive from here….he had several small accidents, one or two minor hit and runs later, he’s in all kinds of trouble with the courts! Most of this occurred before he turned 18 years old, so that was helpful on his part in dealing with the court/fines, etc.

This is the moment that my husband and I had to tell him that he could no longer talk or come to me about the trouble he was in, what happened in court that day or when the next court date was scheduled for…..this is the moment I personally realized that this Anxiety everyone talks about became real for me. (I’ll get more into that in another post). I did let him know that my love for him will NEVER change and I will continue to fight for him to find the right path in life until my last breath. I wasn’t giving up on him but my health wasn’t doing so well and I needed to do this for myself and for our family. I really think this may have been an eye opener for him…..

I wish I could tell you how long it’s been, but the days go by so fast, I just can’t keep up,! However, I do know that Jeffrey has been clean/sober for longer than he’s been clean/sober this entire 4/5 years that he has struggled with his addiction.

So, I’m excited to share with you the following……

Our New Driver!!!!

He is officially legal to drive! He got his drivers license ALL ON HIS OWN! AND….immediately went and got insurance coverage!!

His Dad saved his old truck for him and officially signed it over to him this weekend!!

Maxwell (the little brother) was excited and wanted to check out Jeffrey’s new truck with him and load it full of the snow!

So much excitement in the past few days! I hope this driving privilege and owning your own vehicle is taken seriously. Although this has increased that anxiety I mentioned before, I’m so happy for his achievements over the past several months!

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