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I am a Forty year old Mom of 3.  Ages 25, 19 AND 6…..No, that wasn’t a typo…we do have a 6 year old!  I am married to the most Amazing man on this earth and I consider myself and my children to be extremely blessed.

I dislike the cold weather with a deep passion yet we live in the Midwest where we can have 60 degree weather in January one day, a windchill of 25 below the next morning and by the afternoon we could be under a Sever Thunderstorm Warning or EVEN a Tornado Watch!  I guess at least it keeps it interesting.

I prefer the summer weather of upper 90’s to the triple digits and humid & I love the Midwest Thunderstorms!

The things that make me happy: spending time with my family, laughing and just hanging out.  Lake time in the summer/Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Fishing, Hiking and just being outdoors seeking new adventures and making memories.  I have a severe FEAR of Bugs (no clue why), I can bait a fishing hook with a worm no problem, but any other bugs-especially the ones with legs I will embarrassingly freak out and possibly cry.  I also enjoy crafty projects and sewing.

We have 1 dog named Zoey and 2 cats, Chubz and Toodles (Toots for short), and yeah…we’re a little nuts!

I am by far no writer, no experience at all really.  I just want to share our story and hopefully get some laughs out of our life experiences/adventures and possibly even some tears.

Spring time Hiking 2017

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